Having a direct flight to your business allows you to easily control it. This is one of the main advantages of having a company in Bulgaria and outsourcing all your business processes here.
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Did you know that there is direct flight to Sofia from almost every big city in Europe?
There are alot of tax havens in the world, but Bulgaria is part of the EU and its 10% income tax rate is great for every citizen of the EU, who wants to optimaze his taxes.
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Did you know that Bulgarian tax rates are the lowest tax rates in European Union?
Dividend Tax: 5%
Income Tax: 10%

Outsourcing to Bulgaria

Are you looking for a tax havens? Are you looking for a way to optimise your taxes. Business process outsourcing to Bulgaria with JJ & K is the right choice for you.

Fly to Bulgaria to see how to make company in Bulgaria and learn more about business process outsourcing in Bulgaria.Want to know why?

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Advantages on Working with JJ & K

Business Process Outsourcing


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the cornerstone of our activity. Learn more about our bpo services, outsourcing to Bulgaria and what we can do for your business in general.

Accounting Services. Registration of company in Bulgaria

Accounting Services

JJ & K offers accounting and tax services to any kind of company in Bulgaria. We have the best professionals and it is our guarantee that you will get the best price-quality combination.

Tax Optimization

Tax Optimization

Discover why Bulgaria is the perfect place to do business. Our 10% corporate and 5% dividend tax rates are the lowest in the EU. Outsource your business processes to Bulgaria to optimise your taxes.

Highly Competitive prices
Jongen Jongen & Kostov Accountancy -  who we are
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24 hours is the maximum time in which we will react.24 hours to react

Why choose JJ & K Accountancy?

See our presentation video. Learn why you should start outsourcing to Bulgaria.

Outsourcing - Main Advantages

  • EU Regulation; law protection
  • Same Accounting System (IFRS regulation)
  • Reduction of Payroll Costs
  • Adaptable to client's ERP system and many more

Accounting Services - Main Advantages

  • Outstanding service at reasonable prices
  • Highly trained and experienced personnel
  • Professionalism, confidentiality, and peace of mind
  • Large network of business consultants and many more

Tax Optimization - Main Advantages

  • The lowest tax rates in the EU - 10% corporate; 5% dividend
  • Commitment of the Bulgarian government (including the opposing political parties) to keep rates low and attract foreign investment
  • Very low administrative expenses
  • Have a successful, profitable business with simplified tax structure and many more

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Taxes in All EU countries

  • Austria10% CT; 5% DT;
  • Belgium33.99% CT; 25% DT;
  • Bulgaria10% CT; 5% DT;
  • Croatia20% CT; 12% DT;
  • Cyprus12.5% CT; 0% DT;
  • Czech Republic19% CT; 15% DT;
  • Denmark25% CT; 27-42 %DT;
  • Estonia21% CT; 0% DT;
  • Finland24% CT; 21%-22.4% DT;
  • France33.33% CT; 5% DT;
  • Germany29.55% CT; 30.5% DT;
  • Greece26% CT; 10% DT;
  • Hungary19% CT; 0% DT;
  • Ireland12.50% CT; 20% DT;
  • Italy31.40% CT; 5% DT;
  • Latvia15% CT; 0%-15% DT;
  • Lithuania15% CT; 0%-15% DT;
  • Luxembourg29.22% CT; 15% DT;
  • Malta35% CT; 5% DT;
  • Netherlands25% CT; 15% DT;
  • Poland19% CT; 19% DT;
  • Portugal25% CT; 16.5%-35% DT;
  • Romania16% CT; 0%-16% DT;
  • Slovakia23% CT; 0% DT;
  • Slovenia17% CT; 15% DT;
  • Spain30% CT; 21% DT;
  • Sweden22% CT; 0% DT;
  • United Kingdom23% CT; 0% DT;

  • CT - Corporate Tax
    DT - Devidend Tax

Direct flights to Sofia

  • BelgiumBrussels - (2:40h)
  • NetherlandsEindhoven (2:30h), Amsterdam (2:40h)
  • SwitzerlandZurich (2:10h)
  • AustriaVienna (1:15h)
  • CyprusLarnaca - (1:50h)
  • SpainBarcelona (2:40h), Madrid (3:15h), Malaga (3:40h), Palma de Mallorca (2:40h)
  • Czech RepublicPrague (2:00h)
  • FranceParis (2:45h)
  • GermanyBerlin (2:00h), Dortmund (2:20h), Munich (1:40h), Frankfurt (2:20h), Hannover (2:15h)
  • GreeceAthens (1:10h)
  • MaltaMalta (1:40h)
  • PolandWarsaw (2:30h)
  • RomaniaBucharest (1:10h)
  • United KingdomLondon (3:00h), Manchester (3:20h)
  • ItalyBolonia (1:30h), Venice (1:25h),
    Milan (1:45h), Rome (2:10h)